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~~Tangleweb Spider by johnhallmen~~

Enoplognatha ovata, Theridiidae Size: mm (body) Early morning stack of this tangleweb spider on field garlic Allium oeraceum 38 natural light exposures stacked in Zerene Stacker.

Sun Trap Door Spider

Sun trap door spider Photo: KNown because of its bright and beautiful colors, and highly primative instincts. and hole like home.

How Spiders Work ~ via http://animals.howstuffworks.com/arachnids/spider.htm

How Spiders Work

Signature Spider by Photo.net photographer Kallol R.

Signature Spider by Photo.net photographer Kallol R.

Wolf Spider, saw a couple of these for real, they are huge! I'm cool with spiders, but these give me the willies!

Wolf Spider, worst things ever! They make me wanna scream! I can't stand crawling in bed and thinkin one might be by my toes under my covers :(