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Aunt Lucy's Italian Paste Heirloom Tomato Seeds Days: 85 Size: Indeterminate Season: Late-Season Type: Heirloom Originally from Italy via Toni Casell's Aunt Lucy. Our TomatoFest organic tomato seeds produce indeterminate, regular-leaf tomato plants that yield abundant crops of 2", red, round, meaty tomatoes with classically delicious sweet/tart flavors so well respected with the old Italian tomato varieties. Fruit contains few seeds.

Brandywine Tomato Seeds

Brandywine Tomato Seeds...heirloom. Nothing can compare to the taste of this heirloom! You always get big, meaty tomatoes without a lot of gel and seeds! One taste and you will never grow a hybrid again! These do take a little longer after transplanting, so I start my seeds in February, then set them out in April inside my wall-o-waters. By the end of June, I am enjoying these delicious tomatoes on BLTs, salads, etc.

Mortgage Lifter Tomato | The famous Mortgage Lifter and legendary tomato bred in the 1930's is an enormous, meaty tomato packed with flavor and few seeds. The fruit is slightly flattened and can reach weights from 1-4 lbs. each, which make it a perfect slicing tomato.

Pineapple Tomato: Late season. Indeterminate. Huge meaty tomatoes are popular in our area, many peoples' favorite for sweet, complex flavor. Beautiful fruits are red, yellow and orange swirled together like a sunset. Here in Willits, we can have temperatures in the 100's but nighttime temps in the 50's. Many tomatoes will not set fruit in those conditions, but Pineapple will. Most cold-hardy and drought resistant large tomato we have seen,.

Mortgage Lifter: The famous “Mortgage Lifter” is an enormous, meaty tomato that is packed with flavor and very few seeds. This legendary tomato was bred by a Mr. Byles in the 1930’s. Over the course of six years of pollination and selection, he cross-bred four of the largest varieties available, to create the one and only “Mortgage Lifter”. The resulting fruit is a slightly flattened, rosy monster that weigh anywhere from 1-4 pounds each. Incredible! GRAFTED TOMATOES

Watermelon Beefsteak Tomato 25 Seeds - Impressive! Hirts: Seed; Tomato,

Tomato Golden Jubilee aka “Jubilee”- Heirloom- Origin Australia This tomato has a lot of history so there is some confusion on name and origin. Growth indeterminate- These are globe bright golden-yellow 2 1/2# in diameter 6-7oz average with meaty thick walls and few seeds. The fruit is mild flavor and low in acidity excellent for juice, salsa, eating, canning and salads

Banana Legs Tomato A meaty tomato with few seeds and a good flavor. Most are solid yellow, but some have light green stripes. The banana legs tomato is low in acid and great for slicing into salads