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I still believe what God told us two years ago. I'm just waiting on the timing of The Lord now. I hope you're still looking for me because I'm still here. I'm fighting for us even now. God will take care of the haters, and us. Just waiting on God now.

Start every day anew. Don't worry about what could have, should have or would have been yesterday. #quotes #inspiration #life

Great Reminder..I'm a ladie that worries about everything, even things that haven't happened yet. I need to remind myself to relax, breathe && just let things be.

Keep your eyes on the finish line and not on the turmoil around you... wise words #motivation

Meditation brings you closer to your true self all while healing sadness, anger and pain. Learn how to meditate with a powerful guided audio for deep heart healing at SuzannrHeyn.com

At times, life can seem like a battlefield, but the next time you feel exhausted, just keep the following 11 quotes in mind to help you keep going...

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