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I still believe what God told us two years ago. I'm just waiting on the timing of The Lord now. I hope you're still looking for me because I'm still here. I'm fighting for us even now. God will take care of the haters, and us. Just waiting on God now.

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Details about Game Of Thrones Nightwatch Oath Framed Cork Memo Notice Board With Pins

Great Reminder..I'm a ladie that worries about everything, even things that haven't happened yet. I need to remind myself to relax, breathe && just let things be.

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21 Inspirational Quotes From Pinterest to Help You Get Over a Breakup

Very true. Things happen for a reason. Nothing fails when it has to succeed, no one walks away when they have to stay. Do not live in the should haves live in the can be!

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Inspirational Quotes 21 Pics

Inspiring Quotes and Words. Inspirational animated desktop wallpaper at

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New Year's Resolutions: Inspiring Quotes To Start 2014

Here at HuffPost UK Lifestyle we're proudly saying no to January. No to juice diets. No to calorie restriction. And no to detoxing. We're set on makin...

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New Rules: How to Deal with Stress and Anxiety

It's very easy to let your mind run wild with fears both real & imagined. But the thing is, whatever is coming will surely come. And it is most likely out of your control. All you can do is change how you react. You simply have to surrender and put your faith in something bigger than yourself, whatever that may be for you. God, the universe, energy, Buddah, whatever higher power speaks to your soul. You must trust that this power has your back. We were not put here to fail every time. Or…


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