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شهيدان في إدلبوقصف على الريف الجنوبي


European Splits Show on Russia Sanctions Ahead of Talks on Syria

European Splits Show on Russia Sanctions Ahead of Talks on Syria.(October 13th 2016)

from The Telegraph

Asma al-Assad reveals she was offered ‘financial security’ to leave Syria in rare interview

Asma al-Assad, the Syrian president's British-born wife in a .rare interview.OCT16

from The Independent

A British diplomat at the UN has walked out after giving a damning speech over Russian support for Syria

The UK’s ambassador to the UN has delivered a damning speech to the Security Council condemning Russia’s actions in the war on Syria, saying the country’s pretensions to peace in the country are a “sham”.


Pictures of the day: 27 May 2014

A poster showing Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, left, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Lebanese Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, right, is seen on a micro bus in al-Qardahah town, near Latakia, as Syria is preparing to hold presidential elections.

بريطانيا تقترب من صفوف الأسواق الناشئة بسبب…: تحول بريطانيا تدريجياً الى واحدة من "الأسواق الناشئة" في العالم من حيث الخصائص والمواصفات،…

from the Guardian

Sectarian fighters mass for battle to capture east Aleppo

People dig in the rubble in an ongoing search for survivors at a site hit previously by an airstrike in the rebel-held Tariq al-Bab neighborhood of Aleppo, Syria on Monday.