At 457 pounds, Rhonda Martin could barely walk. Even breathing was a chore. She certainly never imagined that one day she would look like she does now— nearly 300 pounds lighter. “I was just existing,” Martin, of El Cajon, California, told ABC News. "I had no social interaction with people. My life...

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Weight Loss Transformation Story: Bianca lost 55 pounds. She defeated poor health and depression by embracing exercise and clean eating. I love her motto: “Train your mind, your body will follow.” She shared with us about her weight loss journey…

We have collected 80 must see weight loss transformations from Instagram that will help keep you motivated and focused on your weight loss journey. When you see the positive changes that other people have made, it is easier to see that you can do it yourself and how the new and improved you will look.

Dash drop tank is the kind dress that best suits overweight women. It is fitted around ribs and is loose on the waistline. The pattern of this dress is fantastic. It also does not cost much.

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