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Kellar and his servants, magician poster, ca. 1894

from Etsy

Alexander The Man That Knows All magic magician houdini illusionist poster

Alexander (1880-1954), born Claude Alexander Conlin, was a stage magician, billing himself as "The Man Who Knows", that specialized in Mentalism and psychic reading acts. He dressed in Oriental style robes and a feathered turban, and often used a crystal ball as a prop. In addition to performing, he also worked privately for clients, giving readings. He was the author of several pitch books and New Thought pamphlets, as well as texts for stage performers. His stage name was "Alexander."

Alexander poster: the man who knows

Magician Harry Kellar (July 11, 1849 – March 10, 1922) was an American magician who presented large stage shows during the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

The magnificent 1915 letterhead of Chung Ling Soo, a magician who, in 1918, died after his “bullet catch” trick went tragically wrong on stage.

from Joseph Conaghan's Blog:JOE BLOGS

Houdini In Cardiff

Harry Houdini appeared in Cardiff South Wales on quite a few occasions none more memorable than his challenge to Frank Hilbert the self labelled “Handcuff King” who incensed Houdini by stealing his act and appearing a few doors down the road the big “rumpus” coming to a head in Cardiff’s Empire Theatre.

Harry Houdini At Work, about to be submerged in the East River in New York, 1912