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Funny book humor about the struggles that all bookworms can understand.

14 Internal Struggles Only Bookworms Will Understand

I´ve been reading harry potter and the deathly hallows for about a year, just because i don´t want it to end.

nerd girl problems!

It's the most special word ever. If u don't think that, I will smack ur face off.

Book nerd problems week 7

There haven't been too many cases. Mostly, it's the made-for-cable movie that screws up the book for me

So true. Check out these other book memes about the struggles of being a bookworm.

14 Internal Struggles Only Bookworms Will Understand

Reader problems :)

"But for my own part, if a book is well written, I always find it too short." Jane Austen - well said, Jane.

It's evident this teacher has never watched Sherlock. Or anything really.

magicath on

who would be so lame as to do that? *more nervous laughter*>> pfft! Who even does this like really *nervous laughter*>>>>not me of course *sweats*

Pentatwine: Book Nerd Problems #13 | Reader Problems

Pffft, if I've been waiting that long, it gets finished in 17 straight hours