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"Mother Thyme," used by Eleanor of Aquitaine, was drank for uterine disorders and was said to control heavy menstrual flow. Steep a tablespoon of dried leaves in one cup boiling water ~ strain out the leaves and sip to relieve flow. Pregnant women should avoid it as it may cause contractions.

Pink Eye ~ Rinse your eyes with warm milk for inflammation or use a hot poultice of strawberry leaves .~ Witch Hazel leaf tea will reduce puffiness and redness as well. I use Boric Acid Powder dissolved in warm water ~ Hydrogen Borate ~ cotton ball soaked to clean the eye ~ inexpensive from any drug store. This infection may require a physician. HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS

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How to Avoid a Stomach Virus After Being Exposed

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The Ultimate Sore Throat Remedy

When I was pregnant with my daughter (who is now 3), I got strep throat. It was awful. If you've ever had strep, you know the horrid knives-in-your-throat feeling I'm referring to. Ugh. I shudder just to think about it again. I do my best to avoid antibiotics quite stringently. B

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Specific herbs for specific parts of your body (Polly's Path to Health & Happiness)

Fenugreek ~ Ancient Egyptians made an ointment said to make an old man young. They took two sacks full of seeds and hung them in the sun then tread them to remove the seed from the pod ~ soak in water, later to knead into a dough. Boil until all the water is evaporated then sun dry. Crack the pellets and add more water. Make a cream and apply it all over the body to beautify. PHEW sounds like a lot of work to me!