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Module 1. Activity 1.1. This is Mª Carmen Martín's RUP for grade 10-12 students. The information is very well-organised and it is coherent.

The second week of Goldsmiths Fair has started today. We have 14 members showing this week including 4 graduate members. These silversmiths are Adele Brereton Rebecca de Quin Tamar De Vries Winter James Dougall Kathryn Hinton Phil Jordan Ana Meneses Benjamin James Ryan Martyn Pugh Adi Toch (work pictured) and the graduates members are Patrick Davison Hamish Dobbie Loucinda Nims and Emma-Jane Rule. Goldsmiths Fair is organised by The Goldsmiths Company and recognised internationally as the…

The Super Superlative. I created a comic with Pixton, a fantastic tool to create comics easily. It is free when you load into the "pixton for fun"´s part.It provides you with a number of backgrounds and characters in different positions and t facial expressions I really enjoyed doing the activity. Thank you to my tutor and my course mates for having shown me such a beutiful tool.It might be worth paying for bigger creation options. By Mª Olga García Merino.

Module 2. Activity 2.2 by Mª Olga García. You will find the description and evaluation of the tool in the following link:

Module 2. Activity 2.2 by Mª Fernanda González de Cobos.

Module 2. Task 2. Comic expressing feelings. It was my first comic. Tool: easy to use, safe, self-explaining, help, characters, scenes, balloons. Comics are a powerful tool to engage students. To be used as soon as technical and pedagogical circumstances allow it.

Module 2. Assignment 2.2. Comics that represent your emotions. I created this comic with Comic Master. It is a free tool but registration is required. The process to create a comic is quite simple and you can get help from the site at any time throughout the creation. Settings and characters are not too varied but the results are fabulous. the simplicity of the tool makes it quite apt for classroom use , especially when aiming at getting students to tell stories or for delivering contents .

Module 2. Use a comic to show one of the subjects you are teaching. My favourite tool for comics so far!! PIXTON . I have seen the possibilities of using comics in teaching, it has changed my previous view on comics (as being only for easy laughter), so I will be using this with my students shortly. We have set on doing a comic about the Solar system, and they love the idea of being assessed through comic.

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