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Walltherm living room style wood gasification boiler | EnergySage

Case Study: Biomass & Biofuel systems in action - Billerica, MA - Living room style wood gasification boiler. Overall heat output of BTU/hr, split into

This efficient wood stove will heat your home cheaper and more efficiently than fossil fuel alternatives.

An insulated Rocket Stove heats up this bench and the wall behind it with very little material. Love the look of this rocket stove.

Chimeneas colgantes

There are different kinds of fire places to rock, as well as they fit numerous kinds of style, space and decor. Below are some types of suggestions and also fireplaces, let’s see just what you can rock.


CV haard met loungehoek via Brunner - Pierres d'Henri

"I was hired to build this structure in Monrovia, CA as an arbor to provide shade as well as to be a structure to mount solar panels on (as seen on the top photo).  This project is a good example of being environmentally conscious while getting the much needed shade as well as creating an aestheti

love this idea of putting solar mounted in a pergola . we have solar on our house but I'd love to have more panels added mounted in a pergola.

Walltherm Zebru, Walltherm Insulated Firetherm, Walltherm Log gasification boiler stoves. Walltherm stoves UK

Here we have the award winning Walltherm Zebru, the most efficient wood burning stove in the world.

rainwater harvesting with modular horizontal and vertical rainwater storage cisterns barrels are all replaced with this award-winning rain storage system that harvests rainwater for reuse on the garden and in the home.  Functional, long-lasting HOGs

Claim Your Rainwater . ingenious way to use rainwater storage for your garden: the rainwater HOG under a deck with a drip line .

Rocher Wood sauna stove by Helo  modern style of the oven

Rocher Wood sauna stove by Helo modern style of the oven

Going Off Grid', or maybe just camping, and want hot water without having to make pot after pot. Here is a simple solution using physics.

Hot water tank heated by wood burning stove. From Teach Nollaig, Tiny house in Ireland. Could be improved by adding a small sterling engine to power a circulation pump, allowing the hot water tank to be up higher [improving pressure]. Also INSULATION!

Residencia DF by Pupo Gaspar Arquitetura

Residencia DF by Pupo Gaspar Arquitetura

Residencia DF is beautiful elegant dream home in Brazil, designed without too much of a detail yet with enough elements to be a dream home.

Rocket Oven - A hybrid of a rocket stove and a cob oven. 100 process pics.                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Rocket Oven - A hybrid of a rocket stove and a cob oven. 'From past experience we have learned that dissolved sugar and potash (Derived from soaking wood ashes in water and using the strained water) make the clay mixture more durable when it dries.