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This is an easy game to make for kids. I purchased four pool noodles and two packages of jumbo foam rollers from the dollar store. You will need eight zip ties to connect the noodles. I cut a two inch notch on each noodle at 16 inches, like Lincoln Logs. Fit the pieces together and fasten with the zip ties. This can be used in several ways. On the lawn or sidewalk as Tic, Tac, Toe. For more of a challenge toss the foam markers from a short distance away. You can also stand it up and toss…

DIY Backyard Movie Screen

This DIY backyard movie screen is easy and inexpensive. We love setting it up on a warm summer evening and having a movie night!

DIY walkway. use a picture frame with multiple spaces, and a $4.00 bag of cement. Prettier and cheaper way to do a walk.

halloween diy -- east project to make glowing eyeballs. just buy cheap touch lights (i think the dollar store sends 2 for $1) and draw eyeballs on them with permanent markers.

How to make an easy DIY outdoor movie screen

Have your own outdoor movie night at home with this fun and easy project. Build a collapsable DIY outdoor movie screen for around $60 in less than an hour.

Inexpensive Toddler Proof Door Stopper - use a pool noodle! No more shutting doors or smashed fingers :)