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Photo of the day: Belgian royals whisked out of Belgium

Kindertransport bronze statue in Liverpool Street Station, London. A great reflection on the saving of 10 000 German Jewish children right before WWII.

Pershing tank - American heavy tank. This American heavy tank didn't see combat until late in the war, February 1945, where it was introduced in the European Theater. Development was slowed in 1942 because the Sherman tank was evaluated in combat against German Panzer tanks and found to be sufficient.

WW2 ¥ (1945) Wehrmacht boys surrender.

Eugene Black was born in Czechoslovakia in 1928. His mother was orthodox Jewish but his father was not. One day while returning from school he saw a German military lorry pushing his family on board, and he was brought along as well. He and his whole family were transported in cattle trucks to Auschwitz , where they were separated from each other. He was selected for slave labour which made him very weak , and he caught pneumonia . On April 15th he was set free by the arrival of the British…

Das Experiment der Kamikaze-Tauben im zweiten Weltkrieg | VICE Alps

Circa 1940: Captured German airman being escorted by military police on his arrival at a London railway station (Photo by Popperfoto/Getty Images)

King Tiger by forest #WorldWar2 #Tanks

Photo highlights of the day

A sniper of the German Armed Forces walks on a training ground during an exercise prior the arrival of German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen at the Bundeswehr training ground near Bergen, Germany.

The #bouncing bomb. The famous Dambusters raid from 1943 used this ingenious device to demolish some of the largest hydroelectric dams in Germany, temporarily crippling their production facilities during World War 2. Keep your eyes on our boards over the next two days for a commemorative #Dambusters board! #WorldWar2