from nature's illusions: posings patree optical illusion

tree-goddess ¤¤¤ Chaga is the sacred mushroom that connects one with the spirit of the forest … the wise spirit of the Birch.

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A funny picture showing how during the years a sign is being swallowed by a tree. The sign says that the road is closed but it is different to be read.

Nature's beauty - Spiral fern with dew.

natureisthegreatestartist: “What’s this? It’s a carnivorous plant called drosophyllum lusitanicum. And those sparkling droplets are actually sweet, sticky secretions that trap insects.

Winters heart. Love this photo! Check out my Winter Wonderland board for lots of wintery goodness | Incredible Pics

Hearts in Nature Lake Pupuke, Aukland New Zealand Winters Natural Heart-Aww Sooo Beautiful. Nature is amazing Greece

Boom met paarse bloesem aan het water

Trees of Brazil! Piúva Tree in Brazil. Pink trum­pet tree (piúva) comes from the same fam­ily as the Jacaranda family.

18 Photos That Look Fake But Are Actually Really Real

18 Photos That Look Fake But Are Actually Really Real

Strange Pictures Formed Naturally

Fake - Natural face in nature - This is titled "Rock Face" by BonnySaintAndrew…