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Awwwwwwwwww whittle chibi Dip I'm gonna die! <3 look at those precious eyes and that innocence!!!!!! And he has! 13 on his journal cause that's how old he is AWEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HD fondo de pantalla and background fotos of dipper pines for fans of Gravity Falls: Dipper Pines images.

Resultado de imagem para fundo de tela gravity falls

I hate bit groups images but I can say they looks awful in the end Gravity Falls group


I rigged it!!!

I rigged it!!!

GIF spinning triangle stick man one eye hat lights colors shapes, Gravity Falls Bill Cipher that evil isosceles “ELOO LV ZDWFKLQJ ” translated into "Bill Is Watching." No joke I did by myself, I have memorized the Ceasar Cipher for this kind of stuff.


[x-files theme plays in background]---> [Gravity Falls theme plays over it]