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Cabeza del Templo de Atenea Alea en Tegea de Escopas de Paros. Museo Arqueológico nacional, Atenas.

Standing male nude- kouros figure: analytical, internally logical, organic unity, muscles, skeletal info seen. Female-kore (pl:korai) figure: decorative hair & drapery.Elaborate clothing hides body. Differenences to male and female figures in Greek art reflect the profound imbalance between the sexes in social, economic, and legal practices of the period. citizenship only to free, adult males. Greek's view of binaries or antinomies: Greek / barbarian, male /female, free/slave, human/ animal.

Statuette of Herakles, ca. 6th century B.C. This bronze statue of the legendary hero Herakles is an example of the use of mythical themes in the artwork of the Archaic Period. This piece may have been intended as a votive offering in a temple or shrine. Source: Metropolitan Museum of Art