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Well I dont want to date anyone anymore, thanks internet

-HEAVY SPOILERS- the moral of the story is: never go on a date---- Kaneki ken didn't deserve it

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While this doesn't even happen in the manga I have to admit that this was brilliant and that I had to cry a little



At this point I refuse to call it peanut butter I only call it peanut cheese


Get your s*it together, Netherlands < No, not till you people actually use chocolate sprinkles as stuff for on ye bread<<< only true dutch people will get this

Eren screams << and Erwin's eyebrows soak up all the water. I'm pretty this would actually happen.

Erwins though! Just imagine in like a sponge! Before it can get any further than his eyebrows it gets soaked up! And then Levi just like ):T. <-- Imagine if Erwin's eyebrows got bigger though.

My future wedding... I'll make sure to do this and if he won't like it he's not worth it

// I picture this like the door opens and this music starts blasting as she walks down the isle. All of the bridesmaids, and grooms-guys will be dressed up like cadets from Attack on Titan. Oh yes, this would be my wedding XD aot snk funny

I would sing the first attack on Titan opening to my child as a lullaby.

what made me laugh was the mom named her daughter MIKASA XD No shame I would do cause she's sooo cool