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Spiral galaxy M81 as seen though a combination of x-ray optical , ultraviolet and infrared imaging techniques

Monster black hole is the largest and brightest ever found

An artist's illustration of the black hole at the heart of a quasar in the distant universe. The biggest black hole known to exist lives in the nearby galaxy M87. It's 2,000 times bigger than the Milky Way's supermassive black hole.

A massive X-shaped structure made of stars was spotted at the heart of the Milky Way, which could give scientists new insight into how the galaxy was formed.

This artist's illustration depicts scientists' new understanding of the giant black hole at the core of galaxy M87. The bright radio 'core' of the jet base is located very close to the central black hole no larger than about 10 times the size of the event horizon.

ikenbot: The Fabric of Space-time Image: What happens to light as it passes through a point of space-time in where mass has been applied, as well as why objects in space orbit the way they do (planets, galaxies, clusters, etc.) Also known as the Space-time Continuum, I’ve always been fascinated about the very space that holds the planet we live on, stars we see at night, solar system we observe, and supernovas we stargaze on telescopes. In astronomy you hear the term space-time get used a…

The discovery of a supermassive black hole from the early cosmos is set to rewrite physics.

Who knew that black holes could look this beautiful? A stunning creation by @jorgexpo Jorge Lopez Ramirez.

7 Awe Inspiring Looks At Our Solar System

Will a black hole swallow our galaxy earlier than first thought?