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Mild Panic | Dogs Photographed Catching Treats

Christian Vieler from Waltrop, Germany takes hilarious photos of dogs trying to catch food. The photographer aims to capture the many faces of doggies depicting such emotions as excitement, sadness or confusion.

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Photographer Christian Vieler has mastered the perfect freeze motion technique. He's used this technique to capture dogs' faces as they go to catch a treat.

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dogs about to sneeze.. This made me laugh harder than it should have...

Dogs about to sneeze…


You're gonna love these quirky photos of dogs attempting to catch treats!

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This adorable golden retriever managed to lodge his chicken bone between his cheeks! While it's dangerous to give animals small bones like chicken bones, his expression is adorable!

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This is my dog Heidi. Heidi loves her toys and hides them under the bed. One day, one of my chickens disappeared from the yard. I suspected a hawk strike. Two days later, my husband pulled a very annoyed, live chicken out from under our bed!

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