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This ad is promoting the new burger at Arby's and implies that the reveal will be as exciting as a woman's breasts are. It is meant to attract men by employing creative strategies to obtain the consumers attention and provoke them. This is an example of visual persuasion in advertising.  http://amandaroe.blogspot.com/2012/12/thinking-visually-you-are-now-final.html

While planning your next ad campaign, you can learn what not to do thanks to the major offenses of these brands' advertisements.

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25 creative and effective ads

Durex ad for condoms. White background with blue logo. Upstanding condom on 1 side and baby nipple on other side. Protected sex or baby- simple photo image conveying powerful message about choices and consequences.

Mercedes:  Fields

Mercedes-Benz Airmatic: Fields Print Ad by Jung Von Matt/neckar

The grenade really provides the visual they need to make people believe that the flavor is poppin.

What is the Play-on-Words Appeal? The Play-on-Words Appeal is one of roughly twenty advertising strategies that marketing professionals use to persuade people to buy a product, pay for a service, donate to a cause, or otherwise be persuaded.