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XD "Fetch me my beating stick". Lol

XD "Fetch me my beating stick".

Which makes Earth unfit for humans. | This Theory On Pixar Movies Will Blow Your Mind

Which makes Earth unfit for humans.

The absorption in tech in my script reminds me of the people in the floaty chairs in Wall-e


Discover The Art of Zootopia in a gallery 60 Original Character Design from Borja Montoro, Cory Loftis & more. In a city of anthropomorphic animals, a ro

Halloween Disney Villains

That the Disney villains almost had their way? Disney for a short period of time was looking into building an entirely new theme park in.

Lion King Disney Walt- we can learn so much from that monkey

It’s all in the past

Simba: ”Yeah but it still hurts" Rafiki: "Oh yes the past can hurt, but the way…

Disney Princes and Princesses

Disney Princes and Princesses! I want to take a picture like with my friends! I love snow whites face

He lives in you by xXChibiRukiaXx.deviantart.com

Hkarri( He-karr-e) light sunny lioness with black tail tip. Is young and adventurous (gets in trouble a lot) is only cub

I'm 99.9% sure I'm a Disney Princess. That .1% of uncertainty is because birds don't talk to me.

I love this, hilarious! It's so true though. But cats talk to me so that must be something. I must be closer to a princess then!



This is more true than you can imagine. I love Disney so much that I have a job in my field but still work at the Disney Store part time because I can't bear the thought of leaving Disney behind.

I've got Disney Blood running through my veins - yup this is so true!