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Helena Bonham Carter

Helena Bonham Carter. She can be anyone who she wants and is just amazing!

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In a world of Kardashians... Be a Helena Bonham Carter.

Helena Bonham Carter-- one of the most talented actresses of our time. This is a perfect example of what initially entered my mind when thinking of a hair style for my Tim Burton character, messy and very unique.

Great Expectations: interview with Helena Bonham Carter

bella-morts: “ A quintessential English rose who blossomed into a full-blown English eccentric, Helena Bonham Carter reveals in offbeat roles (and outfits). But even she balked at playing Miss...

Double take for Helena Bonham Carter in the battle for film honours

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Tim Burton's Sweeney Todd. Helena Bonham Carter shows the sadness of a woman who is bound to a destructive man who cannot change.

A long blonde up-swept nesty curled quirky avant garde hairstyle | Tim Walker | #leonorgreyl #haircare |