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    The number of overweight people is increasing worldwide -- and thus the risk of developing diabetes or cardiovascular disease. For this reason, many dream of an active substance which would simply melt off fat deposits. An international team of scientists has now come one small step closer to this dream: The team discovered a switch in the fat cells of mice and humans with which excess pounds can be burned off.

    Scientists have extended the lifespan of mice by 25% with a breakthrough new treatment (killing a certain type of cell body-wide) while slowing age-related diseases like cataracts and heart disease. Now a new biotech firm wants to move this over to humans.

    U.S. scientists have found a way to get mice with a form of sickle cell disease to make normal red blood cells, offering a potential new way to treat the blood disorder in people, they reported on Thursday.

    New research shows that people can experience an increase in life satisfaction to the same degree as moving from unemployment to employment simply by going from eating almost no fruit and vegetables at all to up to eight portions a day. This life satisfaction improvement happened within 24 months.

    Two new research studies with hundreds of 15-month-old infants demonstrate that babies form generalizations about people's personalities and make attempts to appease adults they consider prone to anger.

    from ScienceDaily

    Bright light alters metabolism

    Exposure to bright light alters your metabolism, reports a new study. Scientists found bright light exposure increased insulin resistance compared to dim light exposure in both the morning and the evening. In the evening, bright light also caused higher peak glucose (blood sugar) levels. Over time, excess blood glucose can result in increased body fat, weight gain and a higher risk for diabetes.

    from the Guardian

    Scientists identify cause of multiple miscarriages for first time

    Scientists identify cause of multiple miscarriages for first time. "University of Warwick researchers say reduced number of stem cells in womb lining is likely cause, and same team will try to develop treatment"

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