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Stevie Wonder & Bob Marley

Stevie Wonder and Bob Marley together at the Wonder Dream Benefit Concert in Kingston, Jamaica, 1975

My favorite artist of all time, His work, His involvement, is impeccable to say the least.<3 Truly Blessed. I love the newer artists earlier works but they end up becoming more business men which isn't bad by any means at all, But they Lose their real Love for their art and thus the creative level suffers, But they still do extremely well because of business ventures.<3

Stevie Wonder superstition backing track : Rock Backing Tracks UK, Guitar and Karaoke instrumental Music

Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder

afrikan-mapambano: Ray Charles and a young Stevie Wonder in Detroit, 1962

Young cher and stevie wonder

Throwback Thursday: Cher Hanging Out with Stevie Wonder at the 1974 Grammys

Stevie Wonder in the Studio 1972 recording the album 'Talking Book'.

Stevie Wonder in the studio 1972 recording the album 'Talking Book' which includes the classic single 'Superstition'.

you are the sunshine of my life.  :: stevie wonder ::

Stevie Wonder is a stage name of Stevland Hardaway Morris (b. Stevland Hardaway Judkins, 13 May 1950 in Saginaw, MI, USA - aka Little Stevie Wonder), a singer-s