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We all have bad days, but you must know that today is a brand new day... Put yesterday's worries behind you, and know that a fresh start is just waiting for you, today!

from Mail Online

Superbowl Champ Warren Sapp sells palatial Florida home for $2million just seven years after building it for $7million


DIY Light Bulb Vase

I have always thought lightbulbs had such a lovely shape and felt bad just throwing them away, and now I found the perfect solution!

"1878 - 1890 Victorian." This looks like a modern-day movie costume (for Anna Karenina maybe? Oogh, that train), and I think the date may be off, because the bustle looks like the earlier style. Again, not mourning, but close.

Alex Box | The Strange Attractor; Oddly enough I find this very sexy, along with many others though, I am afraid it would look so bad in the morning that (now this is only a joke), you really hope she is actually pretty underneath that beautiful painting of her face,. Now that's only a joke people, don't shoot the messenger because a friend made the original comment and only for that brief moment in time, I also thought it funny. Okay, shutting up now. Lol. Have a wonderful day and laugh…