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Click image for larger version.   Name:	italian armor 002.jpg  Views:	799  Size:	491.4 KB  ID:	2098

Click image for larger version. Name: italian armor Views: 799 Size: KB ID: 2098

Panzer IV ausf G of the 134ª DIVISIONE CORAZZATA "M" o "CENTAURO II"

Panzer IV Divisione "M" Italia pin by Paolo Marzioli

Weird Tank Concrete Russian T-34

Realy weird looking, but its well know Soviet with concrete armour add-ons. Of course experimental.

Carristi italiani con i primi M13/40 assegnati al fronte africano

Italian Fascist Tank Corps with the first It. Tanks assigned to the N-African Front.

Imperial Japanese Army Medium Tank Type 3 “Chi-Nu”.

The Chi-Nu was a late attempt to match the Sherman, but only a hundred were built and never left the Home Islands

An Italian tank division in Russia.

Italian tanks, eastern front WWII, pin by Paolo Marzioli

Italian Medium Tank replaced the With a new high velocity main gun mounted in a revised turret.

Ce cliché de un L 3/35 du 32° rgt de la Ariete en Afrique du Nord donne une bonne idée des dimensions du char léger italien. Pin by Paolo Marzioli

This photo of an of rgt of the "Ariete" Armored Div. in North Africa gives a good idea of ​​the dimensions of the Italian light tank. Mainly a patrol & anti personnel unit.

Un carro comando di.unità corazzata italiana - pin by Paolo Marzioli

Un carro comando di unità corazzata italiana, WWII - pin by Paolo Marzioli