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I never really told her that I loved her but teached her Borderlands 2.

I never really told her that I loved her but taught her Borderlands 2.

Dear Girls: If a guy wants you to learn how to play a game. it means you are the most important person in his life and he also needs a healer. So true.

Video Game logic...Kassie will appreciate this even more than me.:

Video Game logic...

They need to add Link and Mario... ITSA ME MARIO *mute mute*

Video Game Quotes

Dorkly's Video Game Companies As Your Friends  | This is GREAT!!!

Funny pictures about Gamer Friends. Oh, and cool pics about Gamer Friends. Also, Gamer Friends.

"Everything not saved will be lost". - Imgur

"Everything not saved will be lost".

This is kinda sad but true to move forward you've got to sacrifice some things it's part of the game called Life.

Game logic. Truth. I never understood why wild beasts carried credits. What are they getting their claws done?

Game logic

I was hoping for a GTB card // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes -

gamers gotta game

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#10 Examples of The Life Of A Gamer

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awesome / terrifying game slenderman serial killer horror fun

Can't tell if I'm Satan or a brilliant genius.

SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY! ^^the thing is I saw no state puffed marshmallow man from ghostbusters in this pitch. Until this or the slimer is added I'll have to refrain from this game. Even though it does, in fact, sound amazing.

This is their idea of "humor." | So, There's A Pinterest For Dudes Now

So, There's A Pinterest For Dudes Now

See, that why I play I video games!

Games: the only legal place to kill stupid people.and evil people. BTW, Check out this FREE tool to help you with your game -> cheating-games.