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Oiran kimono and hair decoration - note the Obi is worn in the front instead of the back. Oiran were courtesans/prostitutes of the highest order.

silk wedding kimono with gold cranes

Beautiful Japanese silk wedding kimono, embroidered all over with golden cranes, branches of pine also embroidered in gold, white silk ground with lavender clouds, good condition.

Kimono of Syowa era 5. 1930.

Kimono of Syowa era

Rental furisode (long-sleeved women’s kimono) from kimonorental.jp

thekimonolady: “ Rental furisode (long-sleeved women’s kimono) from kimonorental.jp, who offer “cute”, “elegant”, “classic” and “modern” categories you can choose from (the four pictures under the.

Contemporary Uchikake.  Japanese Bride

Wedding Kimono -more peacock/deep turquoise and the blue as accent, deep red minimal accent, and orange very minimal accent

Maiko | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Japanese Notion of Beauty: Geisha Dress Japanese Geisha women are wearers of Kimonos, which are highly colorful and extravagan.

Japan, uchikake, with flying cranes design, late Edo/early Meiji era

Long-sleeved dark blue silk satin [uchikake (wedding kimono)] with padded hem and embroidered with flying cranes (tsuru) in white, black, blue, green, orange and yellow-gold silk floss and three small.

A photographer of geisha, maiko, and Kyoto

A photographer of geisha, maiko, tayū and Kyoto