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Just the "normal" people to deal with now

It's official. there are NOT enough brains left in this world to support a zombie apocalypse. We are safe.

 Wow!! Back in the days we had so much fun just playing with dirt!!!.. Good old days!!!!

So true! Kids need to spend time "outside" playing with friends, that was an awesome part of my childhood. We were allowed to play until sunset and we did.

I pretty much spend all day, every day, just looking forward to going back to sleep.

Relatable Post I pretty much spend all day, every day, just looking forward to going back to sleep. So true and so me.

Come on guys, you know the drill!!!! Repin to all your boards!!!! We NEED to make this happen! AND DONT FORGET THE PIE!!

I'm not even in this fandom but YES. The Harry Potter fandom could have Harry Potter marathons and butter beer on the menus! <--- Or Doctor Who!<yeah and you could fill in between with old doctor who, old supernatural, Sherlock! Plus anime!

Being passive aggressive is always a personal win.

rule in arguments: If you're losing, start correcting their grammar. rule in arguments if they have correct grammar, correct their spelling.

Do it with passion or not at all.

One of the keys to success is passion. If you care about something or want it naturally you won't need to force yourself to work on it. The passion will be your fuel. Only work on things you are passionate about.


"When you are dead, you don't know that you're dead. It is difficult only for the others.It is the same when You are Stupid. You Know Who You Are!

Oh My Freaking Stars!: Laundry & Nudists

As I do more laundry, nudists seem less crazy -- the perfect sign for my laundry room.

It's you

Dear Monday…

Dear Monday, I want to break up. I’m see Tuesday and Dreaming about Friday. Sincerely, its not me, its you.

Its True...  you just cry later on.....

Love is like a fart.and rejecting love is like trying to push a fart back in.