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36 Best Haircuts for Men 2017: Top Trends from Milan, USA & UK

Messy hairstyles have been making runs in the fashion world from a very long time. Here are the 5 messy hairstyles you should bet on!

40 Statement Hairstyles for Men With Thick Hair

40 Statement Hairstyles for Men With Thick Hair

Various stylish mens hairstyles for thick hair need to be well chosen if you are men with the thick hair. Sometimes, having the totally thick hair

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Hair Style hey this is the haircut i like for you. =) mens hair-get it it faded and leave the hair around the first dip^of the head longer so you can style it if it is cut too short it will control you. Style with bb sumotech and a blowdryer

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Boys do not want to waste too much time in their hairstyles as they prefer to have the cool 2014 hairstyles for boys to look good in the minimum time of making their hairs.


This haircut is worn frequently by Maroon Adam Levine and has been seen in the magazines and on the runway lately. Cut aggressively close on the sides and back and left significantly longer on top. With this style, the top is worn up and back.