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We Heart It yoluyla görsel [hareketli] #exo #funny #gif #kpop #sehun #ohsehun #yehet

EXO GIF "this kid will be the death of me! (gif) so much sass in one gif"

EXO just being themselves. SO CUTEEE and ngakak lagii HAHA;3

EXO Kris and Sehun pumping up the party in a different dimension it seems

(Gif) Kris and Xiumin are too adorable for their own good

EXO Call Me Baby MV dance HAHAHAHA Chen Suho Kai Chanyeol Baekhyun Xiumin Sehun

Chen is like "Let's wave to the people." and Sehun is like "No. Love me." My bias from M and K together!! ChenHun

TAO PICKING UP SEHUN. HAHA Sehun face was all calm and all that, and then there's Tao's face NYAHAH LAF EM

Sehun: "Must confirm!" I like that D.O lets/helps him (gif) I think Kai should be at least a little worried...