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maghrabiyya: “ let’s just appreciate traditional tuareg hairstyles for a second my grandma occassionally rocked braids in the style of the top first picture ”

美男美女ぞろい!北欧の少数民族サーミがかわいい! - NAVER まとめ

Sami father and son at a wedding in traditional costume.Kautokeino, N.Norway: Kautokeino, Norwegian Lapland: Arctic & Antarctic photographs, pictures & images from Bryan & Cherry Alexander Photography.

If anyone knows the name of the photographer let me know. I would love to give them credit.

Iranian Kurdish outfits tend to have head coverings which are larger and more elaborate than other costumes. Kurdish women tend to wear many coins and jewels which dangle on their forehead and are attached to a scarf or shawl.

tuareg earring

Kel Tamasheq/ Tuareg people of the Sahel & Sahara: Niger, Burkina Faso, Mali, Algeria and Libya.

Girl from Libya

darker skinned Libyan girl in traditional dress ~ Hon, Al Jufrah, Republic of Libya, North Africa [photo by Mansour Ali, Libya].

Hair Obsession-A Lengthy Journey: HAIR FROM AROUND THE WORLD: Kenyan Tribes

A girl from an aboriginal tribe in Eastern Province of Kenya wears a headgear made of shells on Dec. 42 aboriginal tribes in Kenya share the cultural diversity with their different kinds of headgears made of fur, feather and shells.

Girl from Brazil.

kayapo girl with traditional body paintings and hair cut, brazil. It's amazing to see other cultures keep their traditions. Beautiful little girl.

https://flic.kr/p/4jRmpv | Afars girls in Bati, Danakil, Ethiopia | Ethiopia  © Eric Lafforgue  www.ericlafforgue.com

The Afar people also known as Adal, Adali, Oda’ali, Teltal and Dankali are Cushitic-nomadic people located in the East African countries o.