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Martial arts inspiration Quote by Ip Man

All for Kung Fu, Tai Chi & Martial Arts — Ip Man’s quote “Relax and Calm your mind.

Ip Man Wing Chun

anyway my favorite photos of the old grandmaster are the ones where he’s just relaxing.

Wing Chun Ip and Bruce Lee

Wing Chun is an art in which principles are more important than specific techniques. This does not mean that Wing Chun does not have techniques. It means that at the root of all techniques are underlying principles.

Ip man

You have to first believe in your own form of excellence. But never stop striving to be better then you we're yesterday

Master Yip Man and Bruce Lee. son Maître à Bruce Lee.

Ip Man was a master of Wing Chun and the first to teach this style openly. Ip Man was the teacher of Bruce Lee. Most major branches of Wing Chun taught in the West today were developed and promoted by students of Ip Ma