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Arthur's portrayal of Merlin.

How Arthur sees Merlin. // more like how Merlin thinks Arthur sees him

Merlin: Destinies are so overrated by ~Star-Jem on deviantART. Rofl! xD

Of course they are Merlin.o Just something simple today because I didn't feel like spending Merlin: Destinies are so overrated

Funny - Merlin and Voldemort: we can see who the best sorcerer really is…

This is probably my favorite Merlin pin ever. Harry Potter/Voldemort and Merlin crossover

How to please a prince. by *viria13 on deviantART

I like this, but why would you cook cheese for any amount of time?<<<< have you even seen merlin?

back to the future sorted into hogwarts houses - Google Search

Characters from Merlin, Doctor Who, and Sherlock sorted into Hogwarts houses ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.i miss Merlin & Sherlock & I'm ready for the next season of Doctor Who to hurry up & get here!

When your parents flirt.

Lol this episode is so weird (beauty and the beast 2 parts) but Arthur's face is hilarious in this scene!