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Just a quick silly one because I've been neglecting my Merlin toons. and the 80 yr old Merlin was a thing of beauty! Merlin: Word to the Wise

Words cannot describe how much I love this.

Morgana is a precious cinammon roll (even though she's a murderer and a sociopath, but you know)

Finale series of Merlin poster - what is with Arthur's face?

HD Wallpaper and background photos of season 4 merlin poster realesed! for fans of Merlin on BBC images.

It makes me so sad to see how she started and what she became.

I am one of the select few in the Merlin fandom who like nice Morgana better than evil Morgana

Aaaaah the first episode! It's the one that pulled us all into this mess of pain and anger and sadness and confusion and some happiness and laughter and...did I miss any emotions?

First time Gwen and Merlin met ❤️ "Though, most people just call me idiot.

Bradley James and Colin Morgan are really adorable BFFs in real life. =)

8 Reasons Why BBC’s “Merlin” Should Be The Next Show You Marathon Watch

I LOVE Bradley James and Colin Morgan! I just have to ship them too. Not just Merlin and Arthur, but Bradley James and Colin Morgan!

The blue cloak Arthur always wears

The blue cloak Arthur always wears<<< argh so sweet! I don't ship Merthur but this is really sweet!

"Actually, Arthur did know. He always knew. ^w^"

Arthur does know it and all Merlin wanted to do was get his magic back so he could save Arthur!<<<< I feel like Arthur never even considered making Merlon a knight because he didn't want Merlin to get hurt

Knight: Sire, we don't know where the enemy approaches from!  Arthur: Let's get out the laptop and look it up on Google Maps, shall we?

Best Behind the Scenes shot ever - they look like a real married couple! (from yourethevoice.tumbler)---King Arthur on his Royal Mac