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Middle-earth Bucket List: Ride King Thranduil's elk :P

I wore one just like hers and it was so heavy. I was hitting people in the face with my sleeves the whole time.

Learn Harry Potter spells


bucket list: learn the spells from harry potter. With my best friend bc she loves Harry Potter more then anything in the world

Tolkien Bucket List. I've accepted the fact that it is impossible.

I've accepted the fact that it is impossible. But I’m still jealous of his perfectly straight hair! I have to straighten mine every day!

LotR facts ... lol, my presence would have made the amount of coffee drunk go up by another two billion :D:D:D

Lord of the Rings facts

lord of the rings facts omg thanks for the thumbs guys my mind just went boom ! 70 lord of the ring

Legolas agreeing to braid some random girl's hair?  I can't imagine it.

Correction: "ask Bard to braid my hair" because he was the one who braided Legolas' hair in the Hobbit trilogy movies off set

Bucket List: Go horse back riding with Eomer and Eowyn. #LOTR

Middle-earth Bucket List: Go horseback riding with Eomer and Eowyn