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Top 30 Inspiring Disney Quotes

Nothing more to add. Treasure each second of your life. Live in the moment.#LoveYourself #HappyLife #InspirationalQuotes

But the most beautiful things in life are not things. They're people, places, memories and pictures. They're feelings and moments, and smiles, and laughter. More

Sweet Kiss to a TRUE FAMILY JEWEL! <3 I DEFINATELY wanna take quirky, loving pictures to have in the HOME when our little one is here! /:) Gotta KEEP learning som life lessons before I GET THERE, though. It'll be a DREAM when we're there....I'm SURE of it! Hmmmm! MUAH MUAH MUAH! Covered with Kisses! /:))))

My Mom sent this too me, in hopes to encourage me to cherish these last weeks of my first pregnancy... I was sobbing by the end. I hope new and experienced mom's alike will appreciate these words too. Love you Mom!

Used to talk every bloody night. Now I just sit and cry while you go talk to your new friends. I'm glad you've made such good friends but don't forget your old ones who still think YOU MEAN THE FUCKING WORLD!