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Love my Latino men

Some dude in a Brazilian supermarket

Some dude in a Brazilian supermarket. This makes my heart happy

barn owl's face or ram skull, both of them can be seen in his mask

I knew it was supposed to be a barn owl but I didn't know the cultural meaning I'm IN FUCKING LOVE

Wolverine Leather Jacket - Jacket - eDealRetail - 1

Wolverine Leather Jacket

Product Type: Wolverine Leather Jacket Age Group: Adults, Teenagers Material: PU leather, Cotton, Polyester Inner lining: Down Feather Feature: Zipper, Anti-wr

A collection of tweets about racist episodes POC are facing now that Trump is our President Elect.

Day 1 In Trump's America

This is what Trump is doing to our country, I am thoroughly disgusted that people like that man exists

I love this for so many reasons — mainly because it's true and important and somehow often seems to be forgottom

It is not inherently your fault that there is injustice in the world, even though you may benefit from it. It is not inherently anyone's fault. Anyone who tries to blame an entire group of people for something they can't singlehandedly control is wrong.

Soon as gunza comes I am going I can't wait to see what his voice sounds like though lol

They already destroyed the entire story and characters! I don't even think Hau exists in the game, and Lillie is just. Please just SOMEONE remake that anime into something better!