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True most of the time but if really hurt then I can hold a grudge for life!

Be strong. You don't have to be alone but it's good that you CAN manage alone.

I'll always give 100% and so should you. I don't need another 95 percent'er in my life!!

Capricorns are that one sign that most people think are all shy, but when you get to know them they're wild and crazy.

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Thanks to who ever kidnapped a kid in the state over! My phone went nuts and woke me up! I cant sleep and somebody has to pay for it!!!

What Zodiac Capricorn Like. For much more on the zodiac signs, click here.

Sometimes it's really difficult being on the cusp of Cancer and Leo. In instances like this, I usually take after just one of the sign's attributes. In this one, I actually take after both...which makes me very hard to please....