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This post is courtesy of my sister, Kristy from During the summer our grill goes into full swing. In the evenings when my husband gets home, I usually have the food ready to go on the grill, then he grills it while the kids play outside. It’s a nice way to unwind after a …

8 Ways to Play with Color Trends in 2016

When You Refuse To Pick Up After Them, Sometimes You End Up With Living Room Chicken

Overstimulation leads to meltdowns, not tantrums. Which I learned about when I completely overstimulated my kids with FASD on our last trip.

Sweet 'n' Southern Burgers

Sweet 'n' Southern Burger - rethink your ordinary burger and make your taste buds happy with these tasty chicken burgers with ginger-peach salsa. They are so easy to make and are sure to become your new favorite go-to burger

DIY Laundry Room Cubby on Wheels

DIY Laundry Room Cubby on Wheels | The Everyday Home |

Lip Smacking Snack Mix

Looking for a fun quiet game to play at your next game night party? Check out our review of the game Speechless and get an easy snack mix recipe too! This game is a great option if you are hanging out with friends while baby is napping.