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Again, the link isn't going to the proper source. Powerful advertisement on wage inequality.

Poster to promote Equal Pay Day by the Equal Opportunity Commission Victoria

Gretchen Becker "My dad became a religious addict (it exists), became obsessed with the end of the world and revelation, and became a born-again Evangelical. He's not himself anymore. This was about five years ago, and it tore my family apart. He became a different person all together, and no longer sees me for who I am. I'm only a project, a failure, and someone destined to hell. I know I'm not alone, but it has helped me become stronger in my atheism and my morality." From Global Secular…

When Christians give the, "But he doesn't believe in anything!" argument when explaining the person I love is an atheist, I use the last 2 lines, "He is good without God. He believes in humanity".

Religious Freedom

Separation of Church and State, Freedom of Religion, Freedom from Religion, Forcing Religion on Others. "Religious Freedom" is the ability to worship how you choose on your own time. It is not a free pass to control other via your religion.

Almost time!✊

I love the feeling when you finally get in bed and turn off the lights and think, "I've been wanting to do this since this morning.this is so true sometimes!

Orange is the new Black AWESOME QUOTE - Netflix rocks - Imgur-- my hubby and i love this show! can't wait for more episodes!!!

Orange is the new Black AWESOME QUOTE - Netflix rocks

Piper Chapman, OITNB, Orange Is The New Black. My beliefs pretty much summed up there.

Religious person figures out why there's no reason to believe in a god

Why don't people believe in God? / Why don't people believe in unicorns?