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Dahlia 'Show 'N Tell' - Dinnerplate Dahlia #vanbloemgardens…

Dahlia 'Show 'N Tell' Dahlia Dinnerplate from Van Bloem Gardens

Dahlia Myrtles Folly. An American-bred dahlia that blends quilled and twisted petals for a casual charm.

Dahlia Decasplit Myrtles Folly

AC Ben Dahlia (over 10" bloom; 4' bush): orange and yellow blends.

AC Ben Dahlia (over bloom; bush): orange and yellow blends.

Dahlia "Art Deco"

Allium Ampeloprasum (Spanish Allium)

Very floriferous and with complexly shaded blooms, Gallery Art Deco is the result of over 15 years of carefully breeding designed to produce uniformly shorter,

Gitty Up Dahlia at Swan Island Dahlias near Canby, Oregon

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Mango Sunset-on my wish list 4" flower, 4' bush BB SC Orange

Mango Sunset-on my wish list flower, bush BB SC Orange

"Bodacious" Dahlia - height 4'.   Giant Informal Decorative Dahlia, red and orange

Bodacious Bloom Color: Red / Orange Bloom Size: over 10 in.

Dahlia 'Veritable'. Click image to add to your plants list in Shoot and to get care advice reminders.    Other names: Dahlia 'Vertiable', Semi-cactus dahlia 'Vertiable', Decorative dahlia 'Vertiable'    Genus: Dahlia    Variety or cultivar: 'Veritable' _ 'Veritable' is an upright, tuberous perennial with toothed, dark green, palmate leaves and double, white flowers with broad lavender to rose-pink tips blooming in summer and autumn.

Dahlia 'Veritable' Dahlia Cactus from Van Bloem Gardens