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Elizabeth of York, Queen of Henry VII

Elizabeth of York (1466-1503) Her marriage to Henry Tudor, in 1486, unified the previously opposed families of York and Lancaster, creating a period of peace and prosperity. She was known for being gentle and kind to her subjects and to have enjoyed music and dancing. Their union produced seven children including Henry VIII. Henry VII deeply mourned the death of his wife following the birth of their last child Katherine in 1501.

The Poor Law Act, 1601, allowed parishes to levy a poor rate on householders, which could then be distributed to the needy of that parish by an appointed overseer. By the 18th century, neighbouring parishes were beginning to work together, some even sharing a building in which they could house their old, sick and orphaned poor, thus saving on individual payments for rent and food. The ‘workhouse test’ was introduced in 1723 allowing overseers to withhold

Civil War era photograph collection displays the dignity of young men who were about to join the battle

Unidentified Soldier In Union Sergeant’s Frock Coat And Forage Cap With Unidentified Woman In Dress And Hat With Veil Between 1861 And 1865.

Ohoho, need American Civil War crushes? During the Civil War, scholars have found that as many as, if not more than, 50 Chinese soldiers fought on both sides. This dapper fellow’s name is Joseph Pierce. At the time, many Chinese went by Anglicized names. Pierce fought on the Union side and was eventually promoted to Corporal. I do love a man in uniform. Source:

Photograph of boy with lunchbox. George Washington Watkins Family Papers, c1890—1980

The women of war: Haunting images from Civil War depict the mothers, daughters, and wives of those who went out to fight

Collection: This photograph shows an unidentified Union soldier with his sweetheart; it is encased in a gilt leather frame