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If you can't laugh at yourself, what can you do? I'm getting ready to go out and thought I would share a bit of my glamorous self with you all. :-) Listening to "Doowutchyalike" by the Digital Underground. It's Dr. Kymberlee's Rx for a case of takin We have the latest e-cigarette models and a great variety of e-liquid flavors. Visit us at

Elements of a Japanese Garden

The sound of moving water from waterfalls adds to the soothing nature of Japanese gardens. This stream is punctuated by two waterfalls and ponds. Papyrus, ornamental grasses, and groundcovers bring life to the stream edge. | Born of the sea | Two years ago, I started this habit of going back to the sea every year. I would listen to the angry waves, dip my feet inside the tide pools, underneath the early December morning sky. It felt exactly like going home after a long journey, or an encounter with something or someone so special who had left a significant mark in life. I never felt more complete. A few wire cuts from uneven armature and buckets of paints later, a giant oyster was…

Imperfections in our reality are the seams and cracks into which our out-sized love can seep and pool. And sometimes we are annoyed, and disappointed, and that too is part of how love works. It is not a perfect system, but ... Oh, well. #nightvale