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Luxuriant tour ever!

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 95 Pics "Rich's Seenik River Tours.

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Take one stretch limo and add a truck camper and what do you get? One funny rv that is 2 parts luxury rider and 1 part mobile bunkhouse.

Only in Tennessee... Or Idaho...

Only in Tennessee... Or Idaho...

Recliner, Portuguese, Jokes, Qoutes

I think she might be related to the redneck prom kids! Follow The Oxygen Bandit

Doughnut cake, cigarettes in bra, guy with hand down his pants, fat dude in a stained denim shirt with white socks and sandals, kids in an above ground pool. It's like I Spy white trash version.

Chuck Norris is the only man who has, literally, beaten the odds. With his fists.

A funny cycling pictures showing what happens when Chuck Norris takes up cycling.

Seems legit

Stuff that is definitely NOT legit.

Seems legit

Seems legit