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Best day of my life. I still remember it so clearly. He was this cheeky, intelligent, painfully handsome and incredibly charming man with a wicked sense of humour, a rad sense of style and a soul made of the same stuff as mine. Love at first sight. Everything fell into place and made complete sense. The rest is history <3

This is so much funnier than it should be. I think Clary's probably the normalest... The funniest are probably Jace, Alec, and Magnus XD Don't fight the glitter!

from the Guardian

24 hours in pictures

Someone pull me into doing something I like, but am not confident enough to do on my own. Like being crazy and dancing in the rain

.haha yes

natural linen curtains - a smart storage solution for a small bedroom space or walk-in wardrobe

THIS, THIS, THIS!!!!!!!!! It takes a lot of compassion to consider someone else's experiences which are different than your own and to consider them as valid. HAVE compassion. PLEASE.

from Lonny

Kitchen Photos

AGA Dreaming of another life

Amy and Rory - the best scene in their entire relationship. It was awesome and made me cry.