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Midnight Blue

Here's one of my first drawings of Marceline and Marshall Lee! I have to say I'm pretty proud of this ^^ I'm not half bad drawing in this style so far! Marceline X Marshall Lee

Marceline, Adventure Time

Marceline ~ i love this pic, but Marcie can't even eat chips, they are not red. << Anyone can eat chips! If you just believeeee

Everything Stays (original demo) - Rebecca Sugar. - YouTube

rebeccasugar: “ I’ll be at NYCC this weekend to represent Steven, and also to sing “Everything Stays,” a song I wrote for the Adventure Time mini-series “Stakes” Hope to see you there! ” by Steven.

Finn, Jake And Marceline Hack The Planet In Adventure Time #13 [Review] - ComicsAlliance | Comic book culture, news, humor, commentary, and reviews

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Hold on Hambo. It'll be over soon

holy cow what is this new submission stuff ITS SO COOL AHAA anyway yes i drew this after i watched the new ep a few days ago ahh marceline my poor baby ; Marceline And Hambo

todohoradeaventura: “ Maaaaaarcelinee!!! ”

sugoi-as-hell: “stephaniegonzaga: “ Here’s the cover I illustrated for the third graphic novel for Adventure Time by KaBOOM! The OGN was just announced today. Here’s a pretty cool interview with writer Kate Leth on the details of the story:.

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