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Instead of a wishing well to collect donations we used a glass bowl with a fisherman inside who was trying to 'catch our dreams'. We rested him on a log with clear and blue glass rocks as water. In the water we had our dreams on clouds so our guests knew exactly what the money would go towards...with a few silly extras from my fiancé!

I decided to do lots of DIY for my engagement party. This is a sign I made to ask guests to write a message of advice on a note pad for the 'lovebirds' (Bride & Groom) that we got to read when everyone had left. Very nice memory!

Flabby Upper Arms, . . Flabby arms are the upcoming major problem, especially for women. You think you can cover it up with long sleeves, it’s still prominent . . . #SaggyArmsAfterWeightLoss #FlabbyUpperArmsSurgery #flabbyUpperArmsTreatment

Have guest give you advice written on stones. Not only will they provide helpful hints for the marriage but a decorative vase as well

chests of drawers

RelicCreation inspires my ideas, but their furniture is excellent quality and a symbol of recycling at it finest

Decorar bodas con flores secas

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