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.so true thought that every time my mom made me take it!

Relatable Post: No cough syrup you're not "grape flavored". Have you ever tasted a grape? You taste like death and the tears of small children, not grape

I mean seriously. Like they'll say the day but then I'll be like 'THE DATE!!!!!!!!'

Just a whole bunch of funny posts. Some relatable stuff too. Basically waste all your time here.

Then the parents look at you. *Awkward*

to me this reads as if one is making faces to a stanger's baby when the stranger's parents arent looking. so this would only work if the baby's grandparents are present and not looking at the one making faces.

i feel like flipping over tables when that happens.

teen derp - Bing Images Once me and my friends ordered pizza and about half a hour a pizza delivery guy knock on the door and when we opened he said your pizza will be here soon and left!

....as are the minutes longer when you are running, holding a plank, or doing anything else you wish was over with so you could enjoy the accomplishment!

I swear microwave minutes are longer than regular minutes. (it's true!