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Liz Foote Photography

Liz Foote Photography

They grow up so fast #RePin by AT Social Media Marketing - Pinterest Marketing Specialists

Age of Ultron. It's usual that children don't like to be compared to their parents. Maybe because they are too unhappy or spoild

My youngest daughter was just about to transition out of her crib and into her big girl bed like her older sister. They were both growing up so fast I wanted to give them a bedroom makeover that encompassed everything they loved to do at this stage in their life. Playing dress up, having tea parties and of course being a fairy princess. I sat down with my older daughter who is 4 and we put together the most awesome To do list of anything our little minds could come up with. Riding unicorns…

Age of Ultron Mother's Day XD...did the Vision get Tony a fake Thor's hammer so he could pick it up and pretend it was the real one?!

Blogging for beginners. “Life is fast”, “Life is busy”, “I don’t get time”, we often hear ourselves saying this. Most of us have full time jobs and are often tired or stressed but yet we want to make it big in the blogging industry. I remember telling someone at a bloggers meet up that you must write every single day to be some where as a blogger, they actually freaked out. It is a good blogging practice to be consistent with your blog posts as Mr Google also loves consistency, so if you…