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He...is...so........PERFECT!! D':

I drew this pic! Find it in my ig and help senpai notice meeeee!

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my digital escape - Google Search

I cannot express how much I love Johnnie Guilbert. He makes me laugh, smile, and sometimes even cry. He brings light to my day everyday! LOVE YOU JOHNNIE

Hey, the names Johnnie. I like causing trouble, smoking and…

he is the fetus andy biersack stop denying it

here again we have here what we like to call the "Fetus Andy Biersack".

I stroll down the hallway of Satans house and I look around. He is at the end of the hallway glaring at me. "WHAT" I snap at him. (I need a satan!)

James) I'm sat in my room, listening to music. I then hear a knock at my besroom door and my mom's voice "Dear, we have guests." She asks "okay mom" I say and stand. I pull my jeans up and walk downstairs to see you