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Dr. Mingi Choi is a Physiatrist. His approach in treating our patients is non-operative management of their musculoskeletal and spinal disorders. He performs electromyography as well as nerve conduction studies. He also performs spinal injection procedure. Learn more about him and his services here:

Brain And Spinal Cord Diagram - Health, Medicine and Anatomy Reference Pictures

Fibromyalgia stretches and trigger point exercises #Fibromyalgia #trigger_point

As soon as we took our last tentative step off the end of the bridge our worlds changed forever, I can see it so clearly even now.

Botox vs. Dermal fillers : Botox vs. Dermal fillers : Few important differences between Botox and Dermal fillers, which will help you to choose the best of them according to your needs !!

Looks like a creature from Doctor Who, but it's just our nervous system. #anatomy #sciencerules

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The Only 3 Worth-Your Money Body Pillows for Back Pain

The 3 Finest Body Pillows for Back Pain (Reviews & Costs) - Back Pain Relief Products

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How to Avoid ‘Text Neck’ and 5 Other Gadget-Related Body Problems

Text neck: It’s real, and it hurts. |

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Cervical Epidural Steroid Injections Can Bring Neck and Arm Pain Relief

Radiating pain from a cervical spinal problem can be debilitating, but a cervical steroid injection can ease pain and get you moving. Get an overview of this procedure from our Telly award-winning video.

Andrew suffers from damage to his spinal cord due to swelling around the cord or Transverse Myelitis. His doctors can’t agree on the official cause of his paralysis but that doesn't stop him. He attends our Los Angeles location multiple times per week and continues to achieve his goals of walking without any assistance. #motivationMonday